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About Coaching

What is it?

  • Coaching is a powerful dialogue between you, the client, and your coach that will result in a desired outcome and a plan of action.
  • The coach is an active listening partner who will provide an outside perspective, resources and tools, and unconditional encouragement.
  • Coaching will create a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can explore new ways of thinking and gain new insights that will enable you to move forward.
  • Coaching is all about you!

What is it not?

  • Coaching is not therapy.
  • Coaching is not counseling.
  • In therapy or counseling, there is often an underlying assumption that there is something wrong with the client that needs to be fixed. In coaching, the client is seen as whole, as creative, and as resourceful. A coach is trained to listen carefully to clients in order to draw out their own wisdom, insights, and solutions. Coaching is a co-creative relationship with equal partnership between client and coach. Together we will design strategies and actions to help you move forward and create the life you want.

What happens in a coaching session?

  • You will bring a specific topic or agenda to the session. I will support you with my full attention and by asking questions, I will help you explore your agenda on a deep and meaningful level, so that you will recognize what your next step of action needs to be.
  • With your permission I will hold you accountable for the step of action you commit to, which will empower you to achieve the desired outcome.
  • I will not give you advice or have a solution for you. Only you know what is best for you. I will use my training and experience to help you access your own wisdom and solutions.
  • Everything we talk about in the session is confidential. I will always adhere to the Code of Ethics of the International Coaching Federation.
  • Click here to read or download the ICF Code of Ethics.

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