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"Before I met Lisa I struggled with my new life in the US, with the language and with American culture. Lisa was always there to hold any situation in my life, be it personal or professional, in her hands for me to look at and to decide what my next step should be. She always listened to me with her heart, spirit and mind. After every meeting with Lisa I felt encouraged and optimistic and ready to move forward. She is a very special person with a big heart and great knowledge of life in the USA. She understands challenges for people who come to the US. Now, I have a good life in this country and I am happy to have met Lisa."
Nadezhda, Avon City, Connecticut

"I raised my children as bilinguals, in German and English. If I ever had any questions, Lisa was the one I turned to. She always was able to give me the information and support I needed to keep bilingualism going in my family. I knew I could trust her guidance, because she is not only well informed on the subject but also speaks from her personal experience about raising her own children as bilinguals."
Andrea, Hamden, Connecticut

"Lisa’s coaching has helped me accomplish goals I thought were out of reach. I have learned how to plan my time wisely by making a hierarchy of my priorities. When I need a little extra motivation, I now remind myself of my long-term goals. She has helped me learn coping skills, how to be flexible, enjoy life, and relax. I am now able to fit free time into my busy schedule that I did not have before. Lisa is an amazing coach and I hope to work with her in the future."
Michele, West Haven, Connecticut

"My experience of coaching with Lisa provided me with a safe and spacious arena in which to explore in-depth conflictual situations for which I was seeking resolution. As Lisa listened deeply into my issues I in turn was helped to hear my own story more clearly. Her thoughtful questions, reflections and suggestions brought me to a place of deeper self-knowledge and ability to move forward. I can highly recommend her services."
Christina, Guilford, Connecticut

"My family has already been using a talking stick and magically our communication among our entire family, especially with our 6 year old son, has greatly improved with less frustration noted in each of us! I am trying to utilize many of the skills that we spoke about during our class in my home environment. My focus of how good of a listener I was in the past and how I can improve has been key. Also, it has made me so conscious of how I feel while seeking the answer of why I feel that way. I am determined to be that role model for my children and I am trying to be patient with myself in the process. Thank you for the jump-start that I needed to help give my family a clear direction."
Karen, Hamden, Connecticut

"Lisa is an exceptional coach, who truly has a gift for helping people to find their direction. She did that for me through listening and through encouraging me to let my creative energy flow to see where it would lead me. Since my conversations with Lisa my creative energy has lead me to some wonderful opportunities."
Fiona, Branford, Connecticut

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