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Lisa Velazquez

Moving to a new country for business reasons, for educational reasons or for personal reasons can be challenging on many levels - emotional, physical or philosophical. Different cultures have different mindsets and especially at the beginning of the adjustment period it can be stressful to try to find your place in this new environment.

Are you ...

  • feeling isolated because of language or cultural differences
  • feeling a sense of loss of purpose
  • feeling unsupported in your new circumstances
  • grieving your loss of independence especially at the beginning
  • missing your old network of friends and family

Are you wondering ...

  • if and which new opportunities will arise for you in the new culture
  • where and how to make new friends
  • how to best raise your children in a multilingual and a multicultural setting
  • how to keep your own identity
  • how to create a life of your own in the new country

Do you wish ...

  • you could talk to somebody about your worries, tensions, and problems
  • there would be somebody to just listen to what you have to say
  • you could ask somebody how to find things locally
  • there would be a greater appreciation of what you had to leave behind for this relocation
  • you could discover how to make this a growing experience for you and your family

If you answered yes to any of these statements please give me a call. You don't have to struggle alone during this adjustment period.

My name is Lisa Velazquez and I work with individuals and families who have to adjust to a new culture. I have been in your shoes many times and know how frustrating and lonely it can feel especially at the beginning of this journey. I feel passionate about helping people create a life of authenticity and purpose, no matter where they find themselves in the world.

As your coach, I will

  • be your active listening partner and support you with my full attention
  • help you identify your core needs and design a plan of action
  • help you develop tools that will make your relocation a positive experience
  • help you understand and appreciate cultural differences and thereby minimize "culture shock"
  • make you aware of the "cultural iceberg" and about different stages of "culture shock"
  • help you explore your situation on a deep and meaningful level, so you will recognize what your next step of action needs to be
  • help you discover how to make this cultural transition a growing experience for you and your family

If you are ready to fully embrace your cultural transition with an active listening partner who has been there, please contact me for a complimentary "get acquainted" session right away.

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